Date: 9th March 2019
Time: 11.00am – 2.00pm
Venue: Club A, One IndiaBulls, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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Master Healer, Seema Singal, the Founder Director of ‘Tattvam’, the organisation that transforms individuals with access to a Universal connection, presents a signature seminar in Mumbai.

The upcoming wellness workshop will see the Master Healer hold conversations on a range of subjects ranging from relationships, health and wealth creation to career, stress and addictions. Be ready for a magical experience at the unique workshop. Learn to clear blockages from your body, mind and spirit for leading a joyous life ahead.

The intensive 3-hour session, followed by an open house, will help you discover limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Reclaim the powerful energy that was always yours…

You are the Voice
You are the Vision
You are the Vibration –
Being present to The Self
You becomes We!