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SeemaSingal, life coach and spiritual healer, offers exclusive counselling sessions on a range of subjects. These are one-on-one sessions, where Seema identifies issues challenging each individual, designing roadmaps to improve areas in their lives that need attention. She helps with relationship counselling, soul mate issues, career counselling, performance issues, stress management techniques, among many other life areas. Seema often identifies recurring patterns in people’s lives and teaches them to rectify thoughts and actions to break the mould and start afresh!

Meet Seema

Preliminary Consultations

It is scheduled to pre-scan body for study, historic trigger points, understand inner energy and prepare outer ambience for the body to relax whist jotting down the possible root cause of the issue you seek Remedies for.

This procedure is the beginning to any consultation process, as it forms the base for building report on body type, its present condition, its strengths & weaknesses, that aligns our healer to a specific healing modality. Further to this, it is also a mandatory process at Tattvam before we could design a bespoke healing modality that suits your body type.

Basic consultation involves the following processes:

  • Scanning
  • Study of problem
  • Analysis
  • Report


We are not who we mostly, claim to be. We are somehow living on instructions dawned on us by some power that’s superior to us, and believed that it is working across the universes. We call this super power as god(s) and their descendants who in-turn are hideously working along with us day-in and day-out of our lives, now we are talking about the stars and their planetary motions.

At Tattvam we believe in studying the stars and their motions, follow their path and predict their transits, look into their current positioning. Most of us are worried about the one called 'Ruling Star' and its impact on us. The star which we believe is the reason for how you are and dictates how you can be, and when you can be, what you can be etc.

With decades of experience and strong rooted Scientific Indian Astronomical Calculations infused in their DNA, our consultants promise to be honest to your stars and suggest its positive impact in life. Many of these impacts which are close to perfect reality, brings in the required abundance of source of life and its energy into the lives of the seeker.

  • Birth chart
  • Planetary motions
  • Planetary impact
  • Remedies
  • Resist negativity
  • Reduce negative impact

Scientific Palmistry

The art of connecting fine lines from palm to reveal the secret of your life, the relate each line to one’s body and mind and to provide a meaningful logic from lines to life itself is called Scientific Palmistry. The placements of lines in each of our palms reveal the hidden truth about karma, karya & kriya; every line tells stories related to various verticals of lives enabling us to fine-tune our course of action in the coming days; gives us insights to the unforeseen and warns us to be-prepared for any emotional outburst- this is the most sort after consultation that has strengthened many souls to lead a course corrected life.

The beauty is at Tattvam we have the Healing and Scientific Palmistry under one roof, while we scan palm we are sure of the unwanted damages and make necessary integral changes by seamlessly modifying the course of a particular line growth.

  • Study of Palms
  • Scan report of concerns
  • Remedies to issues in palm
  • Transformational remedy
  • Sub-conscious tuning
  • Transformation
  • Healing through sub conscious mind

Past Life Regression Sessions

All the dreams that bother, unusual instances that occur for no rhyme or reason, fruitless result of efforts and its association with karma are just few; there are many reasons why one must undergo a session on past-life. A partial hypnosis technique is the safest and at Tattvam we practise it as mandatory step to sub-conscious healing.

  • Understanding Past Life
  • Associating Past life with current life
  • Relationship remedies
  • Associated Phobias
  • Recovery to good health
  • Understanding Karma
  • Removal of obstacles
  • Removal of negative emotions


Tattvam's integral understanding to life and its surroundings has paved way within many homes and office structures. Our expertise in traditional healing, resolving structural issues at home and office are still part of Tattvam's holistic approach towards life in total. Many houses have been transformed to happy homes, and many buildings have become an economic business center to many businessmen alike. With the technological advancements our lives have been mysteriously revolving around issues - whose root cause is not known. Tattvam's Vastu consultants have enabled these residences transform into happy places for families and Operational hub into burgeoning money plants and contemporary offices. We at Tattvam are happy to extend our services as healers by means of providing an aesthetic, ergonomic, functional and yet productive atmosphere to work with.