Diploma Course

  • duration : 4 days
  • course code : TATTV 002
  • qualification criteria : SSC (10 th Standard)

This is four days intensive programme designed to create Tattvamites - Healing consultants (also called Healers). This programme further elaborates on the foundation course and opens up to new introductory subjects such as- Transformation, Intuitive Anatomy and Introduction to Manifestation. Students will be trained in holistic spiritual therapies in-order to understand the basics of customizing the healing modality; which is the uniqueness at Tattvam. This is the most important aspect to being Tattvamite. This course will also qualify students to become a healer to practice the science of spiritual healing on various body types and soul concerns.

This course also includes etiquette and methods to become an overall Tattvamite Consultant (Junior and Senior Level).

  • Physical & Metaphysical Understanding
    • Imbalances & weak points
    • Self-Monitoring & Healing
    • Advanced Scanning
    • Face Reading
  • Emotional, Mental & Physical Balancing
    • Energy:
      • Introduction to Energy Inner- Self
      • Introduction to Energy Beyond body
      • Introduction to Transformation of oneself
    • Transformation
      • Introduction to Transformation
      • Energy transformation
      • Introduction to "Achievement" and path towards goals
    • Introduction to Manifestation
    • Introduction to Intuitive Anatomy
  • Healing Ethics

This course also includes etiquette and methods for becoming an Tattvamite Consultant.