Today- A Chaotic Life!

Today - To speak to a soul is an art form that few are born with and many learn it over a period. But do we have the wherewithal to understand what is the meaning of life, what is a soul and what’s the right way to communicate with each other? Most of our lives today are lost in the midst of work, lifestyle and stress.

Superficial Life -

Unfortunately, we are living our “Today” moment. ‘Today’, is all the reason we have, to question and to find answers for. Basically, we have taken it for granted that we are alive and we will continue to live in the same manner for many tomorrows to come. We are questioning things related to life between birth and death. This “Today” is our case study and we are busy solving this case. We have never asked the essence of today and our presence for tomorrow. But, there are times when we come across situations in our ‘today’s life’, where the fundamentals of our existence are questioned, it is then we realize we are away from reality, the truth behind out existence and the purpose of our living. It is then we seek answers, from outsiders, from mentors and from strangers too. Obviously, very ignorant to the fact that, all our questions will be answered from within us.

Nevertheless, the truth is, we do seek answers- every time!

The only cent per cent involvement that we see and hear of is getting hooked onto the gadgets. True that it is a new age skill to be knowing the usage of the gadget and its applications. But does that any good apart for social chit-chat and mere gossip? To this extent, that our lives are governed by unknown people on social media, stranger’s entry into our lives and many other heinous stories that we all read in newspapers every day.

To socialize is fun and frolic. And it has been so, for as long as man existed, it is part of our co-existence and community living. We all love to socialize, we must continue to do so. But one must understand the need for it and other ways too, to engage in socializing activities. Let’s me give you are simple example, back then in the yester years, ladies would socialize at friend’s place who would love taking their hobby to next levels through socializing. From music, dance, knitting to chess etc they would socialize to educate fellow friend or neighbor. Men would love to meet every evening after their work and discuss various matters that would help them meet their family needs and cater to their safety, happiness and welfare. They would all celebrate every occasion as one family sometimes and hence they had great values passed on to next generation. This is positive socializing. Educative, engaging, entertaining, humorous, and not the least bringing value into lives.

Today, people have nothing less than 5 whatsapp groups talking on various subjects, atleast 4 work professionals, minimum 2 family groups and not the least 2 large friends group; this is just one of the many social platforms, then we have facebook & its pages, then we have Twitter and our followers and then Instagram for the photoholics (as I call) and many other platforms that might not be of use to me but yes for many of YOU readers who likes to be digitally omnipresent.

The fun being on social media is undeniable, however what I counter these days are the strangers in my friends list who leave my inbox full of questions meant for me to answer. Questions related to relationships- love, marriage, family pressure etc that they are not happy about, then we have questions related to poor financial status and the burdens of it, I also counter questions on unhappy career or disappointed choices in career. They all sound same to me but coming from different people. They are all people who have inhibitions talking to known circles. Looking for answers from outsiders and oblivion to the fact that these negativities are driving them away from reality of life. Over a period, I have come to this understanding that most of these young minds who are questioning me are in their growing up years and they are clueless about their life and future. We all have these common traits perhaps, that we can’t accept anything coming from anyone in the form of correction or feedback.

I know this set of people who have this attitude in them “I just like it my way”. True to the statement, that no one is in-charge of your life, but this is correct only when you know you have a goal reach and the destined path is clear. Then I have another set of people who constantly victimize themselves on the grounds of relationship and family virtues. Well, it is not wrong to be thinking about the repute of your relationship or family; however, it is also very important that you value yourself first.

Both these sets of people are not wrong in their philosophies, but their main problem is that they have not understood the essence of life, living, relationship, family etc; and most importantly Self. The reality is far from what we see. The truth is always hidden behind in the puzzles of life. The fact becomes fiction and the Fiction becomes fact if one can only commit to understanding the Essence of the matter and not the matter itself.

Our first and foremost step towards revealing the truth of our lives, will be to accept that there is more to oneself than just the name that they carry or surname that they wish to carry on. Then there is faith that must be instilled into each one of us that there is always someone or something who will bring the light into our lives. There is energy that we can see that works in and out of us, transforming the weak to strong and vice-a-verse. And then there is soul that needs to communicate with you to bring the change you seek and success you desire. By believing in the factors mentioned above and own inner strength, one can begin the journey to desired destination. Remove the barriers and lead a smooth path till achievement.

To all my readers, I’d like to say, start the journey towards finding the truth to unveil your path to success today. Let us cherish the sweetness of life throughout our lifetime and let there be peace prevailing around us at all times.

There are few steps to begin with, which I shall introduce you in the following chapters of this book. Starting from “Understanding Tattvam” all the way to “Art of Soul Speaking”.

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